Hi, we are the ones behind DoneDeal.Today

The crazy ones. Idealists. Dreamers. Those who did not kill inner child. Those who believe in voice enabled technologies and Machine Learning. The ones who look bravely to the uncertainty and the future. Those who love Sci-Fi. Those who sees symbiosis of voice, visual and movement in user interface with modern machines. The ones creating tools for this symbiosis Today.

Passion to create meaningful solutions for humanity

Three geeks and a small VC. A team of five. Each strange, crazy and experienced. Experienced working with top companies in Europe and US. Experienced enabling these companies with technical solutions.

Everyday we receive signs and confirmations that the problem of miscommunication is huge. We know why we need to solve it and we find a meaning of everyday activities in this. The scream of this problem directly to the face pushes us, motivates us, keeps us breathing the idea of DoneDeal.Today.


Each of us has personal challenges and growth here. Those can be wrapped up as:

Inventors DNA

Each of us is an inventor. We created many solutions for our selves, our clients. Majority of the solutions are technological ones. Now we are ready to solve bigger scale problems.


No matter if it is a work environment, decision making, company strategy or daily operations – transparency is a value for us. Lack of transparency in verticals we are working with adds an extra layer of motivation for the DoneDeal.Today team.

Positive impact to the enviroment

It is hard for cynics to go along with us. We are not making a separation of activities like “first lets make money, then we will give back”. We are orientated at making the positive impact now for our users, their environment, industry with the solutions we develop now.

DoneDeal Today Leader

Though he doesn’t like being named like that. How ever to live the dream we all must leave our comfort zones. Vytenis is a no exception.

Vytenis Pakėnas

Founder & CEO

Last 10+ years Vytenis was constantly facing issues created by the miscommunication. Extensive IT knowledge, Team Management experience, HR tech development lead to the Aha! moment. It was clear that combining capabilities brought by Voice tech and Machine Learning he can solve these issues without changing our natural habits only by using device that is always by hand – Smart Phone (and virtual assistents in the near future).


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