Performance Management - easy, constant, integrated

Solution for real time performance management

Is 360 review once per year not enough? Don’t you feel that line managers know about employees more then HR department? And yet the HR is the one to make decisions on compensation, importance of people and investment to training? We did try asking managers to keep constant updates about key people, added layers of reporting, more complex layers of reflection.

It did not work.

Employees responsibilities, expertise, performance, information about talent remained in the minds of employees only. No matter what we did. Conflicts at the workplace happened in the event of an manager or employee having violated or forgot verbally made agreements.

Our key finding after speaking to manager was that they always had more important work to do then fill a report on the team. Yet while speaking to colleagues, while delegating tasks, discussing the outcomes managers always had information in their head about real time performance, knowledge of the people, competence, stronger and weaker parts. Managers had all information that we at HR love. Till this information was not forgotten / covered with more recent activities.

When we asked a simple question: would you record this information simply speaking, we received the same answer: “yeah, why not?”.

"After meeting a candidate I was sitting down to write all the agreement details into the job description. Most of the time I was lazy to update this agreement when responsibilities have changed. Only when I was promoting people I've done that. It was not good enough. Now I simply launch the app, agree on the responsibilities for all of us verbally, get the confirmation and use the ready document to evaluate the performance constantly!"

Vytenis P.
DoneDeal founder
Save your employees time capturing responsibilities, knowledge, competence and related agreement details here and now
Confirm your agreement immediately, with the presence of your colleague
Get the document in an editable form so you could update it later on
Made changes to the responsibilities? Changes to the conditions? Easily update the contract with an annex while you speak
Manage your risks. The document templates we use are prepared by working with the leading law firms in Lithuania, EU and US
In near future our Machine Learning engine will provide you recommendations on what to include more based on other employees with a similar profile.

The Perfect solution to reduce attrition

Employees leave when they feel not being valuated or not fulfilling their potential. We often get into conflicts when we have not recorded the details here and now, and we do not remember our commitments/expectations after a time. Aligning them here and now creates transparency and accuracy – prerequisites for avoiding controversy!

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