From time to time I think “what could I do if I would have more time per day”. Until now it was dreaming about hitting the gym more often, doing more at the job, spending more time with family. The limit of hours affected my priorities (and helped with excuses for the gym, lol). It changed.

For the last 3 months, I have one extra hour on workdays. It can be more, but the current result is worth paper for writing it down. Before running into how section please understand if you can find yourself in my story. There are lots of tips and trips on the Internet you can read, but not everything works. It worked for me, I believe you will find a way to regain some of your time as well with my solution.

Being in IT and consultancy I have both routine tasks and project-related activities. I explored many methods, tried many tools for concentration, etc.. It helped me to grow efficiency, but nothing brought really impressive results worth more than a few lines on social media. The more delegation skills were developed inside of me, the less space for innovation was here. At some moment I reached a point where 100% of the time was dedicated to management and/or related activities and tools couldn’t help me no more to squeeze out more time.

I worked on the commuting. A time which can be considered as work time, but needed to be creating value. Podcasts for self-growth/education, calls for discussions (not requiring too big focus), emails/messages typing by voice – everything in my car and/or public transport (I still love to take a bus from time to time!). This freed quite a lot of time. I believe for you it is not something totally new. If it is – feel free to ping me here or on LinkedIn and I will share more tips, tools and best practices that worked for me.

And here is the big moment – how I got an extra 1 hour per day. When I developed DoneDeal Today I got slightly different use cases in my head. “Accidently” I started using it in the meetings to make notes and immediately send those out to colleagues. As I was writing down follow-ups, sometimes (in a rush) had to remember what was agreed, etc., this instant transcription helped me. Generated docs with ready to use share functionality let me drop down docs to Slack, Gmail, Messenger instantly. It saved me time daily.

In each meeting I have DoneDeal Today saves from 3 to 10 minutes. When I do follow-ups again it is more convenient to add stuff by voice and see a single document with all the inputs. Alternatively, I could have a substitute – assistant or delegate this writing down. But hey, it costs a lot. And I believe people should maximize their growth and capabilities, not to be a “tool” for what technology is capable to achieve. Finally, I want to be in charge of my data, my notes, my comments.

How did I count? I plan what I can do for a week. For three weeks in a row I was going to my family earlier or got a bit more time to sleep in. It was strange to feel this daily so for 5 days in a row, I experimented with Toggle (doing the same follow-up writing) and counted totals.

If you are interested, find the DoneDeal Today app in Appstore / Playstore, ping me or check where AI + Speech 2 Text could assist you and let us know!