How DoneDeal.Today works

Simplicity is the key. Even when we stand for modern technologies, vouch for user experience you might see in Star Trek movies, still we focus on a simple and yet rewarding user experience. A high level flow for you is like this:

1) Verbally discuss your project and launch the app

Verbally agreeing details

2) Clarify the agreement verbally and submit

3) DoneDeal turns voice 2 text, creates an editable document

You confirm the mutual understanding and start the work!

People made the deal

How we are doing it

  1. Discuss the verbal agreement details. You do the negotiation, knowledge sharing and related parts. The things you do normally to have an agreement.

  2. When you have found the consensus in the app select topic for which it (consensus or simply put agreement) was found.

  3. When you click the app, we start listening to what you tell. Speak loud and clear like you would be wrapping up the agreement.

  4. App is recording what you tell and on a real time sends portions of text to our transcription service. This way the text is made from voice.

  5. When we have a phrase we run it through our Machine Learning based engine. It finds the most suitable phrasing which can be used for a document. The way we speak differs from the way write.

  6. Based on the terms you are using in the document (you spoke or you picked from our offers) we make recommendations what can be included into the contract as well.

  7. When you are done with the document, you can re-run it with your partner/client on your phone or generate it immediately.

  8. Generated document is sent to you for your use. We generate an editable .docx document which can be edited by all modern documents programs.

  9. It is up to you to make a decision, how you sign the contract – e-signature, a print copy or you sign with blood. As long as you got the contract terms and saved your time/understood to whom you sell your sole we are fine with it. Just don’t be evil.

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