Please check the FAQ section bellow. If you have any further questions just use the contact form on our page or drop an email.

Is it free to use?

Yes, initial documents you get after sign up are free of charge. We are experimenting with pricing models and seriously consider to have light, yet powerful enough not to type engine free of charge.

How secure is the data I provide?

Transcription is not stored anywhere. The document you render in the form of document is not stored in the system currently. It is sent to you via email and stored in phone memory. Once you delete those the document itself is destroyed.

For some sections we have a ML engine implemented. It captures phrases for training purposes. If it is only you who entered the phrase – no other users should be able to see it. How ever if many people are phrasing terms in a way you did – there is a chance that in recommendations this phrase appears. Phrases and terms are not unique per se.

Are templates of the documents ready to use?

The templates we use are prepared by lawyers. By nature template is not a document you can (or should) take in an “as is” form. Please check carefully full document, edit it, remove unneeded sections. A general practice is “if I don’t understand it – I don’t need it”. Follow this logic to document all the things you agreed and don’t add/leave what you can not understand.

DoneDeal.Today provides a  tool. This tool can not be treated as a legal advice or recommendation in any form. We don’t take any responsibility for the things missed out / interpreted not in a favour of you, your client. Basically we don’t take any responsibility except the one to build the best service for capturing verbal agreements from technical perspective.

GDPR - how you deal with it?

We do not ask you to store any personal data which is not needed to provide our services. You are a sole owner of the information. We are a data processor while you are data owner. We use Google Cloud infrastructure for the maximum security, in templates we intentionally mark sections with potential warning as not trainable for the Machine Learning algorithms.

In case you accidentally added data, regulated under the GDPR, please contact us using the contact form in our website.