Capture verbal agreements and
get a contract ready in a minute!

Mobile app converts your voice into text and captures:

agreement for work

Forget "It is not how we agreed!" situations:

1) Verbally discuss your project and launch the app

Verbally agreeing details

2) Clarify the agreement verbally and submit

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3) DoneDeal turns voice 2 text, creates an editable document

Done Deal ready agreement - Contract

You confirm the mutual understanding and start the work!

People made the deal

DoneDeal helps you to prepare:

Website creation and maintenance

During WEB development, you are constantly communicating with designers, developers, SEO specialists and other specialists. Without constant and clear communication success is hard to imagine. Agreements normally are generic and do not describe all the principles of operation. DoneDeal’s application extends this agreement up to the usually orally noted details of functionality, performance, non-standard situations and control of expectations.

Did you know that DoneDeal app highlights the details that are potentially unspoken and affects the quality of end result?

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Job role description / performance management

Employees responsibilities, expertise, performance assessment regulations… Changes continuously. The information about talent remains in the minds of employees only, without the timely fixation of these responsibilities. In a fast-changing business environment responsibilities, expectations evolve as quickly, but rarely are transferred to official/post-office instructions in due time. Not recorded expectations slows down careers, unleashing of the potential, and reduces the efficiency of organization.

Conflicts at the workplace arise in the event of an employer or employee having violated or forgot verbally made agreements.

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Construction organisation and maintenance

It is difficult to capture all details, to share responsibilities, when you physically meet with contractors. Conflicts arise because of the elementary ignorance of one side and the expectation on the other side that “everything will be as usual.” These agreements are made outdoors and there is no feasible option to mark all the details in a written form. There is often a problem with agreed scope of work, pricing and settlement where the parties did not have recorded essential details when signing the contract.

Fast consensus recording ensures that parties will be able to deal with disagreements and challenges in a reasoned manner during the construction process.

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DoneDeal list of appliance and templates is constantly being updated!

Get the mobile app nowand easily capture verbally made agreements

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"After face 2 face meetings I was sitting down to write all the agreement details. Now I simply launch the app, agree on the projects verbally, get the confirmation and use the ready document!"

Vytenis P.
DoneDeal founder

Solution for your daily operations

Regardless of whether you want to quickly capture the agreements made on partners dinner, or if you need to conclude a service contract quickly, DoneDeal will become an invaluable helper.

Save your time by capturing agreement details here and now
Confirm your agreement immediately, with the presence of your partner
Get the document in an editable form so you could improve in your preferred location
Made changes to the agreement? Changes to the scope? Easily update the agreement with an annex while you speak
Manage your risks. The document templates we use are prepared by working with the leading law firms in Lithuania, EU and US
In near future our Machine Learning engine will provide you recommendations on what to include more into the agreement.

The Perfect solution to avoid conflicts

We often get into conflicts when we have not recorded the details here and now, and we do not remember our commitments/expectations after a time. Aligning them here and now creates transparency and accuracy – prerequisites for avoiding controversy!

Get the mobile app nowand easily capture verbally made agreements

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